Coaching for Individuals

People typically choose to work with an executive coach because they believe they can improve their performance and results. A good coach will challenge their thinking, encourage them to create better ways of progressing and support the psychological and physiological changes they need to make in order to become more successful.

In addition to generating performance improvement, we understand that sometimes our clients have stuff that gets in the way of their development. In the course of our work we see lots of people with similar issues and coaching offers them a way of opening up awareness and generating the resources needed to move ahead.

One of the real advantages of 1-1 Executive Coaching is that you address the exact issue, obstacle or challenge you are facing in a confidential and highly effective manner. If you want to improve your performance, get in touch now.

Some examples of the additional types of coaching we often get asked for are below. If you need something else, just ask. Trust us, there’s not a lot we haven’t been asked to help with (yes, even that…)

Managing Stress

What do you do when the sheer volume of things you have to get done feels overwhelming? How do you fit everything in when there’s just too much? How do you stop yourself from wasting time on the trivial and unimportant simply as a means of avoiding getting on with what really matters?

Presenting with Confidence

As a senior individual, leader or business owner, being able to present with confidence is essential. Poor delivery, an inability to get a message across or a visible case of nerves communicate all of the wrong messages – and leave a lasting and damaging impression. Is your fear of making presentations holding your career back?

Motivation - what can you do?

We work with managers, leaders and business owners so they understand their key motivators and drivers. We work with individuals so they challenge their beliefs and assumptions and generate new ways of working and creating motivation. Our focus is on creating insight and clarity around this vitally important aspect of self management.

Work / Life - Balance

It’s all too easy to find yourself working ever longer and harder to achieve your goals only to find when you get there, you’ve lost something along the way. Regain a work/life balance that works for you and keep hold of everything you value.

Making Tough Decisions

Making decisions and acting on them is a fundamental aspect of leadership but it only takes getting a few wrong before you can fall into the trap of over analysis or start to doubt yourself. There are some very simple tools to get back your mojo…

Complex Relationships

Being able to handle the working relationships within your business in an objective and dispassionate way can save you enormous amounts of time, stress and energy and enable you to focus on the key business issues, strategies and decisions.

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