Making Tough Decisions

Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left? Answer: five. Why? Because there’s a difference between deciding and doing.
Mark L. Feldman & Michael F. Spratt, ‘Five Frogs on a Log’

Knowing how to make a quality (i.e. good) decision is vital and can make the difference between personal or business success or failure. Add into the mix the fact that decisions also need to be made with the appropriate speed, right amount of effort and then implemented as intended and you need to be absolutely confident in your decision making ability.

Always making the right decision can be hard, especially when what you decide involves significant risk or has far reaching consequences for yourself and others. If you end up making a couple of decisions which subsequently turn out to have been “wrong”, it can be easy to start doubting your own decision making ability and finding yourself either delaying or going through a drawn out process which adds little, if anything, to the quality of what you ultimately decide to do.

Understanding your individual decision making process, how you think about decisions and how you know at a gut level what makes the difference between a good and bad decision will all add to your confidence. You will gain complete clarity about the context you use to make decisions and your fundamental drivers and motivations.

We will provide you with simple techniques that will help you look at different options and make an informed analysis based on the consequences of such a decision, prioritise your options, see the linkages between various elements of your decision and know when to act.

If you decide now that this is something you fundamentally need, contact us right away.

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