Managing Stress

Stress is a serious issue. We all experience stress at different times in our lives and the ability to recognise the difference between ‘good stress’ and ‘bad stress’ can make the difference between achieving elevated performance levels and becoming seriously ill.

If you are already concerned about your health then go see your doctor straight away. There are many things you can do to alleviate stress but if you are ill, checking with a medical professional should be first on the list.

So, assuming you want to do something about stress before it reaches clinical levels;

  • What do you do when the sheer volume of things you have to get done feels overwhelming and when what you did in the past to keep on top of things no longer works?
  • How long will you carry on pretending to yourself that the current level of pressure is only a blip, the symptoms you’re experiencing are only temporary and that you’ll soon be back on top?
  • What else will it take for you to acknowledge the pressure you’re under and invest in the tools and techniques that convert this stress into passion and energy?

How much more are you prepared to risk? Your physical health? Your mental health? Your family? Your social life?

When you admit you need help managing stress, you immediately take some of the pressure off yourself and open up to the possibility of doing things differently.

Some stress is necessary. It gets us up and running, focused and energised, able to deliver and perform. We enjoy it. It gives us a buzz.

The trick is using the stress we experience to our advantage to add passion to what we do. Work with us at metacella to learn how to manage your stress to enhance your performance and get back in control.

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