Shortcut to Management Success

Whenever today’s manager is faced with a difficult situation he / she could always take the BLT approach:

If you don’t know what to do – Bluff

If you cannot bluff your way out – Lie

If lying isn’t working – throw a Tantrum

…alternatively… in extreme cases… identify a suitable scapegoat and threaten to fire them.

Ok, so the above is purely in jest, but sadly for some people there is an element of truth or perhaps even recognition in there. Poor managers still exist and unfortunately however many training courses they attend there appears to be no change in behaviour. Why?

Training works very well when sharing information, establishing processes or learning technical skills. It is less successful when you expect an individual to objectively review their performance, accept new ideas and adopt new behaviour when placed back in either familiar or comfortable situations. It certainly doesn’t work well if you expect a significant behavioural change when the individual is placed under stress. Old patterns and habits immediately re-emerge and you are right back where you started, albeit with a nice folder full of theory sat on the shelf or in a drawer.

Creating a structured development program involving 360 feedback, behavioural preference profiling, training, coaching and effective follow up will make a massive difference to a manager’s performance and the satisfaction and engagement of their direct reports.

If you are an HR professional or L&D specialist you know all this. If not and you would like to understand more have your people talk to our people… (or just drop us an email with questions and your contact details)

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Shortcut to Management Success

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