Presenting with Confidence

Are you now at a level where everyone naturally expects you’ll be great at making presentations yet the truth is you’re not? Are you conscious everyone else seems to present with confidence and style but you still make a hash of it?

  • Do you deliver your messages well enough but nothing changes as a result?
  • Do you fail to connect with your audience?
  • Do you see others inspire and influence through their presentations but can’t do the same?
  • Do the dry mouth, trembling knees and butterflies in your stomach mean you can’t get your message across as you want to?

If you would like to learn how to present with passion and conviction, overcome your nerves and captivate your audience then get in touch.

Employees looks to their leader for inspiration, reassurance, motivation, clarity etc. and feel unsettled and disappointed when these are not forthcoming. Without a clear, passionate and convincing message your audience will not be influenced to take action. Being able to get people on side and inspire them through effective presentations is crucial.

There are many types of presentation where a little extra polish and confidence can make all the difference;

  • presenting to shareholders, delivering results and seeking support for a new strategy
  • potential clients – the ability to effectively pitch your products or services is still a key part of many business development plans
  • external bodies – being invited to address a trade conference or regulatory body is a golden PR opportunity. A chance to show clients, prospects, the competition and potential investors what you are made of
  • Bank, investors, VC – securing funding in today’s climate is a challenge. If you are not confident why would someone invest?

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Presenting with Confidence

If you get nervous about presenting, try to get to the root cause of your fear. Where does it stem from? Whilst you won’t be able to change the situation which led to your fear, you can change how you feel about it now.

Mentally rehearse your presentation. Go through the whole process of giving the presentation, including imagining what might go wrong, and rehearse how you’ll effectively cope with it.

Be aware of your body language in your presentation, particularly the use of gestures. Try to be as natural as you can with gesturing – it helps you find the words you’re looking for, conveys energy and enthusiasm to your audience and makes you look confident

Remember that you won’t have a second chance to make a good first impression as a presenter – but you will have many chances to correct that first impression. Your presentation will not be ruined if you make a bad start. Learn how to get back on track.

Believe in yourself. Start playing messages in your head which say you can and will present well. Let go of limiting beliefs which say you are no good or can’t present effectively.

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