Help is a Dirty Word

Unless there is an obvious crisis, accident or serious problem most people resent being asked if they need help. Particularly in the workplace, to accept an offer of help can be perceived as weakness or an inability to perform. So how then, as a senior leader within an organisation, can you improve without resorting to the ‘H’ word?

The first step is to accept that there may be more than one way to do things and unless you have explored some alternatives to your personal operating procedure, you may be missing out on something that could give you the edge.

So what is out there? You can choose a training course or join a development programme but how do you ensure that the content is for you? Quite often traditional training can leave you feeling slightly unfulfilled. Some of the content may have been good and indeed, you may have experienced the odd flash of inspiration. The key though is how much of it do you honestly bring back to the workplace and use consistently? 10%, 30%, 50% ?

All too often you have the best of intentions to apply what you have learnt but your workload builds up, situations need dealing with and we turn to what we are familiar with. It is human nature to go back to doing things the way they have always been done. There is comfort in familiarity. Work is often repeated behaviour and repeated behaviour becomes habit. Breaking any habit is never simple, particularly when you are under pressure or against deadlines.

Imagine though for a moment if you were able to identify exactly what you need to do to achieve higher levels of performance, having an independent sounding board to bounce ideas off, someone who could deliver knowledge, best practice, behavioural change and consistent goal setting, all personalised to your situation and desired outcomes.

Imagine if you had someone who could provide inspiration, challenge, honesty and support and whose only agenda was to enable you to achieve.

How would it feel to be able to talk to someone you could trust, who was equipped with both the ability to listen and to understand you and who could provide genuine insight on your challenges? Thinking about it now, what would you resolve to work on first?

If you are curious about how a professional, tailored and personal development approach would work for you or you just simply need to get more done, feel less stressed and lead a team effectively, contact us now.

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