Escape the ‘Fur-Lined Rut’

A lot of people sometimes feel trapped or stuck in a rut, not getting what they want or deserve from their life, career, relationships or themselves. Unless something significant happens, they carry on… treading the same path and repeating the same actions, quite often in spite of the feeling that builds within.

This feeling develops over a period of time, starting to leave you unfulfilled, under-valued and overwhelmed, leading on to frustration, insecurity, fear and ultimately anger…

Although this is happening all around us, it often feels like we are the only ones going through it. Talking to friends or family can sometimes help but quite often they are the ones re-enforcing this feeling. This is particularly true if your ‘rut’ happens to be ‘fur lined’. You may have job security, financial independence or a secure relationship which can make the rut a safe and outwardly comfortable place to be.

Unless things have reached a critical point it is unlikely that you will face up to the situation or possess the strength, conviction or willpower to potentially climb out and escape… After all, don’t you keep telling yourself that things aren’t that bad, could be a lot worse, lots of people have problems and they deal with them?

How would it feel to be able to talk to someone you could trust, whose only agenda was to help and who was equipped with both the ability to listen and understand you and to help and support you to resolve what you are going through. A problem shared is a problem halved? Well the other half is in finding the resolution to that problem, which is often easier with someone guiding the way.

By meeting on a regular basis you can deal with issues one at a time or one chunk at a time. The important thing is that you always move forwards towards a better future.

By adopting a professional approach, being open, supported, challenged and honest with yourself you will find that the answers you need are there, it just sometimes takes a little courage and curiosity to find them.

Having a coach releases your true potential and, more importantly, allows you to feel good about who you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.

At metacella we care. We care about you and we care about enabling you, in the true sense of the word, to get you where you want to be.

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