Peer and Group Coaching

Peer and group coaching can be particularly powerful in terms of learning via shared experiences. The opportunity to understand different perceptions and ways of operating can be invaluable, and often those attending group coaching gain significantly from the process of supporting, challenging and working with others in the group. More specifically peer and group coaching:

  • provides the opportunity for coachees to apply the insights they gained from the coaching to their real-life challenges and then to exchange feedback with others around how this went.
  • provides an additional incentive for coachees to take action towards their goals in between the coaching sessions, which generates additional transformational learning and progress.
  • means individuals have the chance to learn from the questions, opinions and values of all of the the members in the group as opposed to just the coach.
  • helps coachees understand their own perceptions (and sometimes misperceptions) about their current challenges.
  • helps the members of the group to recognise that the more they can understand each others goals (and how they feel about them), the more effectively they can help each other to achieve. This recognition of the importance of emotional intelligence can be particularly powerful.

If you think group coaching might be the way forward, please give us a call or drop us a line and we would be delighted to talk through the possibilities.

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