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“We have done lots of research over the past three years, and we have found that leaders who have the best coaching skills have better business results.”
Tanya Clemens, V.P. of Global Executive & Organizational Development at IBM

for developing new leaders…

What has been their career path so far? An over-achieving salesman, a brilliant scientist, a ruthless negotiator, a financial savant or a technical genius? They probably know what it takes to be successful and what to do in order to exceed expectations in their current role. But, do they have what it takes to step up and manage other high-level employees?

In the majority of organisations people get recognised for individual achievement and then promoted to positions whereby they are expected to get the best out of their team. A leadership coach might be an invaluable investment.

a trusted advisor…

The recent financial challenges have led many organisations to cut back on training and development. This, coupled with many other factors including more experienced leaders taking voluntary redundancy or early retirement, means there is a shifting demographic within the executive population.

Companies are increasingly relying on younger employees to take on management roles and the ability to get them up to speed and delivering is a pressing concern for many organisations. Whereas before they may have had an internal mentor, these people are no longer available or, if they are they may be deemed to be out of touch with philosophical changes within the business. A dedicated coaching resource can provide a sounding board and driving force for these fledgling leaders either on a 1-1, small group basis or a combination of the two.

for your existing senior team…

Leadership coaches often work with managers who have been highly successful but see barriers preventing them from reaching the C-suite. In other cases, coaches are called in when there has been turnover in an executive team and the senior officers need to get to know each other. Leadership coaches can help a new CEO adjust to his or her position, or aid a board trying to develop a succession plan.

Finally a growing area for leadership coaches focusses on the challenges for senior executives of managing a new generation of younger employees, helping them to understand and lead a generation whose work ethics, expectation, values and loyalty are very different but who, if fully engaged, are capable of great work.

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