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New Years Resolutions

For many, the turning of the year sees us coming up with another set of New Year’s resolutions. One of the best ways of making sure they are not long forgotten before the end of January is to build them into our everyday life: so whether you are already a successful manager or just starting your management career, read on to see what you could resolve to do in 2015.

Enough Bad News...

I have had enough of waking up to the Today programme and have switched to an old fashioned alarm bell which, although it’s a bit of a shock, at least I get to decide how I feel about the day before hearing all that is wrong with the world…

When talking really matters...

We know enough about the impact of change to know there are ways in which to handle it so that those affected are left confident and positive. Lack of communication can very quickly undermine confidence and it is the responsibility of effective people managers to ensure that vision is not only shared but employees are empowered to act… so what happens when it goes wrong?

Performing with Passion

I was blown away over the weekend by two school performances. One was of Les Miserables and the other of We Will Rock You. Both were performed at local secondary schools and both were truly amazing. The energy, enthusiasm and talent shown on both evenings was extraordinary.
So, what is behind a great performance and what lessons can we learn and transfer to business?

Lessons from losing.

It’s taken few days to sink in but having cried into my beer with Welsh cheers ringing in my ears I have accepted the weekends loss in the 6 Nations and thought about the value of lessons learned from losing and why it is something we all need to learn.

Speed Reading and Managing Change

I’ve just finished reading an exciting detective story. It was quite a ‘page turner’ and I couldn’t wait to find out who the murderer was. I skimmed over some of the longer passages, skipped others and read ahead to the last few lines of a couple of chapters, desperate to get to the end as soon as I could and find out ‘whodunnit’.

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