New Years Resolutions

As we start the new year with the best of intentions many of us may be thinking of our new year resolutions. If you want to be create success at work, here are my RESOLUTIONS for great people management in 2015.

R espond rather than react to new or challenging situations
E xpect great things from everyone in your team
S how your appreciation for the effort your people make
O wn up – if you get it wrong, admit it and learn from it
L isten – I mean really listen – to all the ways in which your team communicate
U tilise the full potential of everyone who works for you
T ell it how is it – straightforward honesty goes a long, long way
I nspire others by your own behaviour
O pen the door to creativity – and be amazed at what happens when you do
N urture your team as a whole
S ettle for nothing less than the best from yourself and your team – and have a great 2015!

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