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Executive Coaching – Guiding Principles

Metacella offer a number of different coaching programmes, tailored to individual requirements or organisational needs. Whichever programme you chose, we always adhere to 4 main principles:

1. We work with you on a one to one basis*
2. We work face to face
3. We adapt what we do to your business and your needs
4. We are entirely focused on results – we work on issues of importance to you and your business

(*group and peer coaching available as part of a People Management or Leadership Programme)

Executive Coaching Process – Our Approach

Stage 1 Defining Expectations:
Our starting point is to explore with you and your sponsor the needs and expectations you have in terms of your coaching.

Stage 2 Statement of Outcomes:
At this stage we produce a tightly defined and absolutely clear statement of the coaching outcome we are jointly committed to achieve.

Stage 3 Assessment:
We use your appraisal / 360 / assessment tools or psychometrics to provide an objective assessment and baseline from which to start coaching.

Stage 4 Coaching:

We offer a range of Coaching Programmes, typical examples include:

High impact, short term coaching which is particularly appropriate when you are facing a specific or pressing business need e.g. making a key presentation, delivering a difficult message, achieving an immediate and short-term objective.

Performance Acceleration
90 day Programme to accelerate your performance in a new role, to facilitate your return from maternity leave or to help you develop strategies for stress management.

Designed for your development as a high potential employee or to support the development of new leaders. This is generally continued on an on-going basis at a frequency matched to your needs.

Stage 5 Evaluation:
At the end of your coaching programme (or at key milestones if extended) we will work with you to evaluate its effectiveness. Evaluation will be against the coaching outcomes defined in Stage 2 above.

For further information about how we work please read “What Can I Expect?” or simply get in touch. We will be delighted to help.

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