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Adam Hitchmough

As a former Sales and Marketing Director and General Manager, Adam has over 25 years of commercial experience across a range of industries. He has spent the last 10 years working with organisations large and small, developing authentic models of leadership, creating alignment between strategic and operational management, identifying and exploring corporate vision, values and organisational culture, and enabling people to achieve their full potential.

Adam has a wealth of coaching knowledge and experience and is comfortable working with senior teams, facilitating meetings or coaching 1-1 with individuals. Adam is also a confident and thought-provoking speaker and trainer with experience delivering programmes both in the UK and to international audiences across the world.

Examples of work undertaken:

  • Designed and led a Leadership Identity Programme for Senior Managers within an International Banking Group
  • Delivered Communication and External Engagement training for Global Field Medical Team
  • Developed Vision and Values for International Pharmaceutical Company
  • Strategy Development, Engagement Programme and Senior Team support for UK Software Company

Adam has a reputation for astutely observing and assessing client needs and the ability to choose appropriate coaching techniques that are sometimes attentive and sometimes challenging or provocative.

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We use a variety of associates to provide specific support for our clients across a number of defined skill-sets including, Speech and Vocal Coaching, Media Training, Mindfulness and Stress Management, Negotiation Skills as well as group facilitation and training support. If you would be interested in becoming an Associate please contact us.

the idea…

It is hard, particularly in today’s climate, to imagine any organisation that is not concerned with improving its performance. There is no doubt that times are tough, but you stand a much better chance of withstanding the downturn and keeping on track to achieve your vision if you can analyse your existing organisational problems and develop plans to address them.

Therein lies a challenge:

  • How can you continue to manage, lead and inspire the organisation and yet also find the time and objectivity to step back and see the wood for the trees?
  • How can you deliver the messages that might need to be heard within the organisation with clarity, conviction and confidence?
  • How can you be confident that you have made the best possible analysis of the situation, have been able to openly and objectively explore all of the issues and have created the most effective development plan for improvement?

Our experience means we can help. We can bring new insight to your issues and enable you to develop ideas that will create a clear and cogent way forward. We offer expertise and specialist skills – helping you to identify what needs to be done to deliver the performance improvement, value or growth you are seeking.

For an initial discussion about where we can help, contact us today…

Executive Overview

As executives’ lives continue to gain speed and they are expected to manage more, do more and handle more, they will need the assistance of expert coaches to help them make better business decisions, polish their skills and balance their lives.

What Can I Expect?

If you’ve never worked with an executive coach before, how can you make sure you achieve what you want from the time you spend together?

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