Building Executive Resilience

Equipped for Tough Times

Over the last six months we’ve seen a big increase in the number of companies interested in what we can do to help them develop resilience within their organisations. Their interest has been sparked by three things:

• a recognition that the last few years have been incredibly tough for their senior managers and leaders and some are struggling to cope
• a desire to understand and replicate what makes the difference between those who thrive and those who merely survive and
• a growing realisation that reliance on stress management initiatives to help employees deal with the pressures they’re under is both costly and, because the damage has already been done, in some respects too late

In response to this complex picture, companies are less willing to simply rely on the traditional solutions to the problems of workplace stress and increasingly interested in developing the key characteristics among their staff that reduce the likelihood of problems occurring in the first place. They recognise the need to start to build resilience into their plans, processes and people. If this is not already a part of your organisation’s Learning and Development agenda, you may want to share this book with them.

We originally wrote much of the content of the book in order to deliver an Executive Resilience Programme for one of the country’s leading banking institutions. It has continued to evolve with each opportunity to share it with different organisations, and we are keen to add to our experience of helping today’s business men and women to develop and build resilience into their lives. We hope that you gain an insight into resilience from reading this book and if you would be interested in discussing how we can help you, or your organisation, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

For a pdf copy, please call or drop us a line and we will email a copy directly to you.

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